Technology Stack

What is a technology stack for my company?

A technology stack is the group of services and technologies you use to operate your company in the digital space.

What technologies should companies use?

At a minimum, your company should have a solution for website, website tracking, lead generation, marketing, customer database and reporting.

What does a technology stack review offer?

Reviewing your technology stack with an expert like StratoCentric can help you create a plan to ensure that all of your solutions are passing information correctly from the first time they come in contact with a potential customer.  


The flow of information from website visitor to potential lead to marketing efforts to sales lead to a closed deal involves many steps.  


Each point can be a potential cause of failure.


StratoCentric can help you create a comprehensive plan for your technology stack and at times can offer solutions that help you save money by combining solutions.  This money can then be re-allocated into your outbound marketing efforts.

Get More Leads Online

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Technology Stack Review

Want to make sure you are getting the most out of your current technology stack?

Work with StratoCentric to get a plan that works better for your current marketing efforts!

What are the benefits of reviewing our technology?

Identify Better Tools

The world of marketing is changing fast.  Making sure you have the best tools available can be a great competitive advantage.


Improve Data Transer

It costs money to identify possible new customers online.  Making sure that your technology stack properly passes that information to the people that can use it most in your organization can help increase sales.

Ensure Better Results

Having information in the right place at the right time means better experiences for your potential customers.

Better experiences means more chances of referrals from both customers and those that didn’t buy this time.