Social Media Marketing

Can Social Media Marketing help my company?

Sharing the content that you produce can help spread the word about your company.  Social media marketing is a great way to do that.  Having a plan for social media marketing always helps to ensure that you aren’t spending a lot of time with no results.

Why do companies do social media marketing?

At the end of the day, people like to buy from people.  Being on social media can help people understand your company’s message and ethos, making them more likely to buy from you if you are aligned.

Is social media is appropriate for my company?

Most companies can benefit from a social media marketing plan.  The key thing is to identify who your customers are and what their interests are online.  


A Social Media program does not necessarily have to do directly with your business.  You can run a  group for homeowners in a specific market for example and refer other businesses you know about.  Referring other companies will get you business in return.

Social Media Marketing

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Not sure if Social Media is right for your company?

Work with StratoCentric to find ways to improve your results online!

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Very Targeted Markets

Want to target home owners in a specific neighborhood?  Social Media marketing can allow you to do that.


Want to find people that have recently made a specific purchase?  You can do that too!


Sometimes visitors to your site abandon the search process for a number of reasons.


Social Media market allows you another bite at the apple since you can remind visitors why they were at your site earlier.


Social Media marketing allows you to build specific audiences over time from visitors to your site that can be enhanced through AI to extend your reach to other like minded customers.