PPC Management

What is ppc management?

PPC Management is where StratoCentric manages your pay per click accounts in a way that provides more value through A/B/C testing of ads, bid manipulation and targeting campaigns.  This results in a better outcome for your spend.

What paid advertising can be managed?

StratoCentric can manage your Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram spend at this time.

How does StratoCentric improve my PPC results?

  • Complete PPC audit

  • Re-write existing ads for testing purposes

  • Align campaigns to appropriate landing pages

  • Create optimized content for the landing pages

  • Ensure that tracking provides the information needed to evaluate the spend correctly

Get Managed PPC

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Pay Per Click Management

Not getting the results you want from PPC?

Work with us to improve your results with PPC and CPM advertising over time using tried and true techniques for your industry.

What are the benefits of managed PPC?

Top Industry Tools

Get the advantage of using the top tools in the industry to ensure that your ads are served to the correct market, at the correct time, in the most efficient way possible.

Better Budgeting

Ensure that spend is allocated to the campaigns that are producing results and reduced in the campaigns that are not producing the results you want.

Better Reporting

Finally understand where every marketing dollar is going online and what the results are.  Decide where to spend and where to save through actionable, automated reports.