Medical Practice Marketing

StratoCentric provides medical practice marketing services for medical practices that would like a marketing partner that understands the medical practice from the owner’s perspective.

This means that StratoCentric will provide you with clear goals for marketing your medical practice.

Each medical client of StratoCentric’s starts out with a “Medical Marketing Checkup” that makes sure all the bases are covered when it pertains to handling patient information and being HIPAA compliant.

Once the proper setup is in place for HIPAA, Google Analytics, Google PPC and Bing / Yahoo PPC, StratoCentric can completely audit your website to identify areas where you are excelling as well as areas where you are missing content or opportunities to help with patient outcomes.

Next comes Goal Setting, which lets your company identify the appropriate metrics you should be tracking both as a business owner and as a marketer in the medical industry. Once realistic goals have been set for your organization, we will move on to deliverables.

Deliverables are essentially a list of tasks that need to be completed in order for you to achieve the marketing and sales goals of your medical practice. Deliverables can include anything from HIPAA compliant hosting, to link building, to engaging content development, to tele-medical integration and ad tracking.

Completion of deliverables results in a marketing funnel that will attract more patients over time, but it also helps to ensure that those patients have better outcomes and ultimately better health care by helping you answer your patient\’s questions when they have them, in a manner that is both convenient and expedient for them.