Play The Long Game

– succeeding in business is a marathon, not a sprint
– have a great product before you go market it
– create customers for life by providing the best experience

Know Your Numbers

– Customer LTV
– Lead Generation Cost
– Form fills per month / marketing channel
– Phone calls per month / marketing channel
– True cost per hour to operate your trucks
– Cost Per Lead
– Cost Per Next Customer

Track Everything

– Phone calls by marketing channel
– Visitors
– Traffic Sources
– Driver Sales / time of day
– Miles driven by each driver
– number of calls
– number of sales
– average time per call
– total time per call

Capture Data from your customers

– Name, address, city, state, zip
– phone
– email
– birthday

Have Good Content – Not Just Coupons

– 4 times a year is enough to generate leads
– write good content that actually helps people and you might just get people to forward it around

Good 4x a Year Content Schedule

Checklist: Getting Your House On The Market
– don’t wait until the inspector finds your plumbing issues
– always cheaper and better to take care of it when you have time
– the major things to check for in your house
– how to tell if your pipes or sinks are leaking

OFFER: Low/FREE Price To Check The Home Plumbing Inspection

Projects: Summer Project Ideas
– Inline water heaters
– Porch Misters
– Walk In Shower/Bath Combos
– ADA compliant showers
– What does Medicaide / Medicare cover for ADA shower installs?

Holidays: Is Your House Ready For The Holidays?
– guests are coming, do all your sinks work and your toilets flush?

Avoid The Freeze: How To Properly Protect Your House From Freezes

– article and video with instructions
– OFFER: provide the service for low cost
– BONUS OFFER: do a home plumbing inspection as well for free while you are there



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