Industry Based Leads

We can provide phone and email based leads specific to your industry.

B2B Leads

Business to Business leads

B2C Leads

Business to Consumer leads

Leads are the natural result of your social marketing program. A complete and well implemented social marketing program will generate the required number of leads necessary for you to hit your sales goals for the year.

Sometimes, your current program isn’t generating the required number of leads to reach your goals, or, you would like to purchase additional leads in order to explore a new market. Maybe you are just wanting to increase your sales!

Whatever the reason, we can help you increase conversions for your existing lead channels. Generally, we can provide additional leads on a per lead basis or as part of an ongoing Social Marketing package.

In general, the cost for leads range from $6 to $150 depending on your market and they are generated by either a phone call, a mobile request or a form that is filled out by a contact that was referred through our network of sites or through one that we create for you.

Leads are monitored by StratoCentric and you will not be charged for leads that are:

– determined to be automated
– generated by sales people trying to sell you something
– otherwise determined to be false leads

We would love to talk to you about your marketing idea and we definitely make exceptions for high volume concepts that require a fresh look at our pricing structure.