Lead Generation

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is where you pay a company a certain amount per lead that comes in via phone call, email or text.

Why do companies do lead generation?

Lead generation is a great way for companies to add additional incoming calls to their marketing efforts resulting in more sales.

What questions should I ask my lead provider?

  • Do you purchase the leads from anyone else?

  • Are my leads exclusive?

  • What constitutes a lead?

  • What is the refund policy on leads that garbage calls?

  • How do you track the leads you provide?

Get More Leads Online

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Lead Generation

Don’t care how the sausage is made?  Just want your phone to ring?

Then get a quote for new business leads instead and leave all the boring marketing stuff to us!

What are the benefits of buying leads?

Control Your Marketing

Lead budgets with StratoCentric can start out as low as $100 per month.


Most companies do budget considerably more than that depending on whether they are local, regional or national.

Immediate Results

Starting with leads can start to build more business for your company in a matter of days.


Those profits can drive additional marketing and sales efforts.

Bullet Proof Tracking

All leads programs come with both analytics and phone based tracking.


Depending on your preferences, the fees for these services can be paid separately or included in the cost per lead.