About StratoCentric

StratoCentric is your local Houston Marketing Agency

StratoCentric can take a look at your current efforts and suggest changes that can make an impact today, so you can start planning for tomorrow.

Who Are We

StratoCentric are entrepreneurs and small business advocates at heart.  Small businesses employ over 50% of the United States and we are honored to keep that streak going.

Our Mission

Marketing + Technology = Results

Many small businesses spend years trying to figure out what we know today.  Helping SMB’s grow faster is our Mission.

What We Do

How Does Digital Marketing Work?


Marketing Audit

StratoCentric can take a look at your current internet marketing efforts and suggest some quick changes.


Marketing Plan

StratoCentric can help you develop a plan to address your marketing issues and step up your game.


Technology Stack

StratoCentric can review and suggest technology that can help your company handle your marketing efforts better.



Everything StratoCentric does is tracked in order to make sure we are making data driven decisions.



With a marketing plan in place, StratoCentric can handle it all or just fill in the gaps with your existing team.



Depending on your preferences, everything StratoCentric does is reported online or in person weekly.

Why Choose Us?

StratoCentric is not a company that makes money first.  StratoCentric sees profit as a by-product of making our clients more successful.

StratoCentric leadership is well versed in business.  Our leaders have built companies in the past and know what it is like to make payroll and be the last one paid.  We treat marketing spend accounts as if they were our own.

Every project we do has clear objectives and established KPIs.  This means you know where every dollar is going and can make data driven decisions.

We pay attention to budgets and ROAS, our proposals are realistic and deliver our intended goal of $3 profits for every dollar spent.

Our leadership team has spent a combined 60 years working to help companies grow.  We understand how marketing and sales are supposed to work together.  Our creative team has worked on everything from local restaurants to Congressional Campaigns.