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April 25, 2013
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Sense of Urgency

There comes a time in any project where you start to move from the arranging pencils stage to the motion stage. The current project I am working on is akin to kick starting a Boeing.

A 747 is a large plane. There are a lot of moving parts. At first I was hesitant to even take on a project of this scope. What I have found is that the rules of the internet are like the laws of physics. They still apply.

Solid content + solid design + targeted marketing = better conversions.

Big SEO Firms

Big SEO firms are really just digital marketing firms that understand how to break a large sales plan into a bunch of smaller plans. Smaller plans mean local markets. Just think of larger clients as a collection of smaller sites that have to generate a series of local results.

Get rid of links and start thinking social. Google has already bet over a half a billion dollars in the same direction. Why not throw in your cabbage on top?

Getting sick of Google? Call me and I will talk to you about how to beat the Google advertising drain. (713) 397-1151 Will

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