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List of Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are places where people socially share “bookmarks” with each other based on specific topics. Bookmarks are essentially lists of links that are either stored in the favorites section of your browser, or are accessible online through these sites. The result of these sites is that you get a vast category of human reviewed content on any number of topics. If your site has great content, these sites are great places to share it with the world.

9rules – Validate & share links to content.
All your words – Associate & share words with links.
Blinkist – Social bookmarking.
Blogmarks – Social bookmarking.
Blummy – Manage your bookmarks.
Bmaccess – Social bookmarking with thumbs.
Buddy marks – Social bookmarking.
Butterfly~ – Bookmark & annotate.
Chuquet* – Find buzzes. //
Clipmarks – Social clipping.
Common Times – Social bookmarking & clippings.
Connotea – Social bookmarking (for reseacrhers).
Delicious* – Social bookmarking.
Digg* – Social bookmarking.
Diigo – Social bookmarking on steroids.
Dogear – Social bookmarking.
Feed marker – Social bookmarking for news.
Furl – Clip, store & share web pages.
Hyperlinkomatic – Social bookmarking.
Icio – Social bookmarking & rating.>
Jeteye – Clip & share (parts of) web pages.
Listible – Folksonomied software & code search. //
List Mixer – Social bookmarking (temporary links). //
Live Marks – Live update of Delicious. //
Look later – Private bookmarking.
Lookmarks – Social bookmarking.
Magnolia – Social bookmarking & voting.
MaxSpider – Submit links>
Mylinkvault – Social bookmarking.
Onlywire – Social bookmarking aggregator.
Philoi – Social bookmarking.
Qoosa – Social bookmarking.
Searchfox – Social bookmarking.
Shadows – Social bookmarking. //
Simpy – Social bookmarking, tagging & search. //
Socialmarks – Social bookmarking.
Spinspy – Social bookmarking & ranking. //
Spurl – Social – Bookmarking & search. //
Startaid – Manage & share your (thumb) bookmarks. //
Stumble Upon – Social bookmarking (random sharing).
Surftail – Share your click paths.
Taggle – Social bookmarking, tagged (German).
Tagtooga – Social bookmarking.
Tendango – Top 10 social bookmarking. – Displays thumbs of most pupular sites.
Yahoo Myweb2 – Social bookmarking.
Yoono – Save your bookmarks and manage your feeds –

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